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Great photos of Dad and Mum (Clement and Kathleen Knowler) The simple days ay. I cant help think that with all the stuff we fill our lives with these days - are we really any better off! Anyway great memories.

Dad. Clement Joseph Knowler

Dad worked as woodsman and carpenter. Then many years at the Makarewa Freezing works.

Taken in the days you could actually fix a car lol, now you need a computer and a degree.

This guy was dads best mate and was his best man at dad's wedding

Mum and Auntie Peggy, stuck in the mud. Classic photo, the simple days ay

I didn't think this was dad but my Aunties tell me it is. Don't know who the baby is? I remember dad telling me the stories of his bikes. He used woman's stockings as the drive belt.

Mum and Dad's wedding day 1955

Mum was Kathleen Marie Knowler (nee Allen)

Henry Knowler and his sons (Including my dad Clement, brothers Tony, Bernard, Frank, and John)

My two grandmothers on my parents wedding day.

The Knowler Family reunion held in Tuatapere 1975 (you can see me right in the middle at the front) 

The Knowler Family reunion held in Tuatapere 1975 (you can see me right in the middle at the front) 


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Steve's Family photos, those crazy days in Invercargill - I even had hair...

Stephen Clement Knowler. 3rd Feb 1963. Mate what a cutie!!!

Fishing - Dad caught them all. Just like him to hold the small one

Deer hunting around the Southern Lakes. Dad had his dads old WW II 303 rifle. Boy this had some kick

I remember dad shooting this deer. It was small and dad made this photo to make it look like two deer's.

This was at 50 West Plains Rd, Waikiwi, Invercargill. I got a grilling from mum for not holding Jillian's hand for the photo.

On a Xmas holiday, think it was Queenstown

Boating on the lakes. Heaps of mozzies and very cold if the weather closed in.

Queens Park, Invercargill. The best dad in the world, dad brought us five kids up as mum died when I was 11.

Our last Xmas with Dad. We were all teens except Richard. Dad died when I was 17. One of the saddest time in my life.

Look at my hair OMG. I used to wear  my motorbike helmet around the house to keep it under control. LOL

I was 17 here. Dad was gone and David was travelling. The remains of our family.

I was a best man at a mates wedding. I was 22 and living in Auckland.


The Knowler Family reunion held in Invercargill 2000 (you can see Rach and me in the middle)

The Knowler Family reunion held in Invercargill 2000 (you can see Rach and me in the middle)


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Steve's School Photos

Large photo here

1969.   First year at school. Sacred Heart School, Waikiwi Invercargill

Large photo here

1970. Sacred Heart School

Large photo here

1975. Marist Primary

Large photo here

1976. Marist Collage

Large photo here

1977. Marist Collage

Large photo here

1978. Marist Collage

Large photo here

1977. Marist Collage. Rugby Team

Large photo here

1977. Marist Collage. Cricket Team



1976 (I'm 13)

1977 (I'm 14)


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Those teen days in Invercargill.

Don't even ask???

A moment of weakness I guess.

Happy days - as I got my new bike Honda XR250 and some new fancy shoes.

Boyd Finn, Fiona Lord and me outside the Invercargill Town Hall

Cheryl Priest, Boyd and me outside the dairy on Tay Street. Here I met some very good friends.

No I never smoked just posing for the photo. An old mate Boyd, trying to introducing me to smoking.

A good old mate Chris Tait. Life cut short - its not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.

Boyd trying to get the camera off me. This was at our family home at 50 Mary Street, Invercargill.

April Topi - my toughest best friend. Once I was fixing her bedside light and she sneakily plugged it in and turned it on and zapped me.

Patricia - looking forward to motherhood at 15 lol. Too funny.

Jayne and Patricia

Jayne at the old Dairy on Tay Street. I loved those ham and cheese tostie sandwiches.

Jane Goodall on the trampoline (from Goodall Shoes)

Patricia, me and Chris Leonard. Someone looks worse for wears.

Patricia, me and Jayne. Rose among thorns LOL What a nice place to be!!!

Me holding a double happy cracker, while Fiona and Jayne watch on. My hero. Gees

Bit of a random photo ay!

You may ask why? Well I don't know either. Broken hand from fighting - Silly bugga!

Patricia helping Chris with his beer.

Queens Park with friends in the summer.

Queens park.

*** Jayne Finn ***

Alright baby, great hair, great bod. That's enough about me lol.

Fractured skull from some wankers boot.

Jill visiting me in hospital. I was their for 3 weeks. I received a depressed fracture.

The morning after, I took the gang to the Ingill stock track late at night and 'lost it' on a corner.

My old Mark II Cortina and the infamous dead head (nice ay) LOL



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Some of the places I've been

Sydney - 1980

New Caledonia - 1987 Club Med

South Korea - 1988

This was at the Olympics 1988. What an amazing country and people in regards to there challenging history.

China - 1988

Rippling abs ay lol These peaks are amazing and we would get of our bike and just climb. Heaps of fun.

China - 1988

I was in China for three months biking west from Hong Kong.

China - 1988

No not Mexico but with friends in Canada. 1991. I had two jobs here, picking grapes and building roofs.

Herb from the TV show 'WKRP in Cincinnati' - 1991Yes can you believe it!!! As I drove through Cincinnati Herb was being awarded the Key to the City so I got a Photo.

Top of the World Trade Centre in New York, USA. 1991. I met this old man from Texas with an amazing story. - Ask me?

Grand Canon, USA - 1991

Golden Gate Bridge, San-Francisco - 1991. Even had the appropriate tee shirt for this colourful city.

Mexico - 1991. You can see the Mexicans ready to sneak across the border to the US.

Hawaii - 1991. The north shore. Some close encounters of the French kind.


Fiji - 1992. Several times now. Love the islands, people and activities.

New York - 1995. Went over for Xmas and they had a famous 'blizzard of 95/96'. A state of emergency and the US Army patrolled the streets of Manhattan.



New York 1995. Four times now. With Greg, shooting some of his guns from his gun collection. This is a Tommie gun from the Chicago days.

London, UK - 1995. Stayed in the Dorchester Hotel, opposite Hyde Park with the 'Sultan of Brunei's' staff


Paris, France - 1995 Bennie.

Fiji again - 1997


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List of Steve's Travels. All the places I've been

  • 1980 Sydney (13yrs old)
  • 1986 Dec Western Samoa
  • 1987 Jan American Samoa
  • 1987 Jan Niue
  • 1987 Nov New Caledonia
  • 1988 Aug Sydney
  • 1988 Aug Korea
  • 1988 Oct Hong Kong
  • 1988 Sept China
  • 1988 Sept Hong Kong
  • 1988 Sept Sydney
  • 1988 Nov Hong Kong
  • 1988 Nov Sydney
  • 1991 May LA USA
  • 1991 Aug Canada
  • 1991 Sept Canada
  • 1992 July Fiji
  • 1994 May Los Angles
  • 1994 May Canada
  • 1994 Sept Singapore
  • 1994 Sept Brunei
  • 1995 May Heathrow
  • 1995 May France
  • 1995 Dec LA USA
  • 1997 Mar Fiji
  • 1998 Mar Sydney
  • 1998 April Sydney
  • 1998 May Sydney
  • 1998 Aug Sydney
  • 1998 Aug Sydney
  • 1998 Dec Singapore
  • 1998 Dec Thailand
  • 1998 Dec Melbourne
  • 1999 Sept Sydney
  • 1999 Oct Sydney
  • 1999 Nov Sydney
  • 2001 Feb Brisbane
  • 2003 July Singapore
  • 2003 July London
  • 2003 July France
  • 2007 May Fiji
  • 2008 April Fiji
  • 2009 Sydney
  • 2010 Sydney

Concerts Iíve been to

  • Racey (My first Concert)                                  Invercargill 1977
  • Split Endz 3 Times                                              Invercargill 1977
  • U2 Western Springs                                         Auckland 1984
  • Amy Grant                                                           Auckland 1985
  • Grateful Dead &
    • Neil Young
    • Tracy Chapman
    • Carlos Santana                                    USA 1991
  • Jimmy Barns, The Cure                                   Auckland 1992
  • Meat Loaf                                                            USA 1994
  • Neil Diamond                                                     Auckland 2001
  • Robbie Williams &
    • Duran Duran                                         Auckland 2004
  • Rod Stewart                                                        Auckland 2005
  • U2 Ericksonís Stadium                                     Auckland Nov 2006
  • Roger Waters, North Harbour Stadium        Auckland Feb 2007
  • Elton John                                                           New Plymouth Dec 2007
  • Bon Jovi                                                               Christchurch Jan 2008
  • Elton John                                                            Auckland May 2008
  • AC/DC                                                                    Auckland 2010
  • Bon Jovi                                                               Auckland Nov 2010
  • Eagles                                                                 Sydney Nov 2010

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Family Vehicles

Family vehicles

Vehicle Type Brought My age Colour  Cost    Registration
My Dadís cars   
1946 Metropolitan Nash Car     Blue    
1966 Holden Station Wagon HD 3 speed column shift Car     Red/w     DW*794 
1971 Holden Kingswood HQ 6 cylinder auto Car     Brown    
Steveís bikes and cars   
1976 Honda XL125, Trail motorcycle Bike 1977 14 Black    $         800 43GDN
1968 MK2 Ford Cortina, 1300cc 4door manual Car 1978 15 Brown   $      2,200  
1956 Morris Oxford 4 door 3 speed column shift Car 1979 16 Blue   $         200  
1978 Honda XL250Scc, Trail motorcycle Bike 1980 17 Purple  $   
1982 Yamaha XT550cc, Trail motorcycle Bike 1981 18 Red   $   
1966 AP6 Valiant 3 speed column shift Car 1981 18 White   $         400 DP88
1970 VE Valiant 3 speed column shift Car 1981 18 Blue/W  $         350  
1969 Holden Monaro HK 186 GST 2 door 4 speed 3.05 litre  Car 1982 19 Orange   $      4,499 FH8852
1962 Comer Van  Car 1982 19 White  $   EZ4283
1981 Yamaha XJ750cc, Road motorcycle Bike 1985 22 Purple   $   
1984 Honda Accord Coupe Car 1988 25 Yellow  $         850  
1985 Mitsubishi Cordia  Turbo 1600cc 5 speed manual Car 1989 26 Red   $   
1980 Datsun Sunny Car 1990 27 Red   $   
1984 Chevrolet Cavalier (Whilst in USA 6 months) Car 1991 28 Silver  $  800US   IN9206
1989 Yamaha XS400cc special, Road motorcycle Bike 1991 28 Black   $         800  
1981 Yamaha XJ750cc, Road motorcycle again Bike 1991 28 White   $         800  
1982 Toyota corolla 4 speed 1600 cc station wagon Car 1994 31 Cream   $   
1985 Toyota Starlet (Gift from Redwood - employer) Car 1999 36 White   $        free   PC8736
1989 Mazda 323 4 door 1100cc Car 2001 38 Blue   $      1,000  
1995 Honda Domani 1600cc 4 speed auto Car 2001 38 Silver   $    10,500  
1993 SAAB 900i Coupe Car 2005 42 Blue  $      1,000 ZF6882
2005 Mazda Atenza Car 2006 43 Blue  $    25,000 DJL384
1998 Mini Cooper S Car 2010 47 Blue/W  $    12,700 MINJA
1996 Yamaha VMAX 1200cc, Road motorcycle Bike 2010 47 Black  $      5,850 VMAKS
2010 Yamaha Star VMAX 1700cc, Road motorcycle Bike 2011 48 Black   $    28,000 VMAKS

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