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Burt Munro challenge again with Garett - Nov 25 - 30th

We rode three days to Ingill, had three days watching racing and three days to return to Auckland.

Love this photo - should be a Speight's poster



Martin and Jude came up to Auckland for the Meat Loaf concert and the Auckland Marathon. (30th October.) We had great fun down at the park and around home. Awesome to see you guys again.


Jude's birthday at Orbit restaurant, Sky Tower. Martin, Jude, Sue and I.


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New 'IT Departments' workmates at Tyco (ADT\Armourguard) A fun day at Tree Adventures



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A great friend, Lisa Fletcher. At the kids 'End of term one' School disco - Mt Carmel Primary School. The theme was crazy hair, as you can see.

Went to a 50th birthday party with Melissa Shrouder. It was held in this awesome house at 36 Herne Bay Road. The birthday girl was Mel's old boss from the BNZ.


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A friend, Katie had a motorbike crash late March. My thoughts are with you as you recover Katie XXX

 Katie-Jane Bowen

Katie-Jane Bowen in Wellington Hospital yesterday after her motorcycle accident. She is expected to make a full recovery and is keen to get back on her bike. Actually we hope to catch up again at the next Burt Munroe challenge in Invercargill in November.

Still Gorgeous

Read article here

Katie text me and told me her friends had brought her a personalised number plate KTP13 (Katie Pie) And that she was going to come to the November Burt Munroe Challenge 2011. She thinks she will be back on the bike in September as the halo traction comes of the end of June then a neck brace for two months and all better. All the best matie x


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Fishing with Telecom and Cisco - 18th March

4.30 am the iPhone beeps it’s extremely early morning call – are you kidding… I haven’t seen 4.30 am since the summer of 69!  “Cab time to get up mate” as the poor boy rubs his eyes. Putting the fishing rod and coat in the car along with the boy’s breakfast and off to Lisa’s to drop Cab off.  Meeting Steve V outside his new work place First Security for the shared ride to Pine Harbour, Beachlands.  After wasting 10 minutes getting lost around Beachlands I finally called Paul to find out where this Pine Harbour marina is located – oh 5 minutes back the way we came – Typical!  We finally find the marina and pier C and meet Paul loading up the boat with food, booze and bait.  A quick introduction to Captain Steve (yes now we have three Steve’s and one Paul).  Captain Steve is Paul’s mate and the owner of the charter, ‘Free 2 Dream’, Paul works for Gen-I, our hosts for the day, Steve Vaughan is the turn coat who once was loyal to Signature Security but has since followed his new best Scottish mate to First Security.  And me, well I’m the fisherman of men lol.  Oh and I catch the odd woman occasionally too.  Now the three boys were all members of Her Majesty’s armed forces too. Captain Steve and Paul are ex-Army boys with fond memories of their time in Singapore, getting haircuts and massages (not sure what that had to do with Army life), Steve V was 20+ years in the Navy polishing his big gun, also with fond memories of overseas excursions.  Consequently I have never heard the F word used so many times in my life, well since I was a teenager in Invercargill anyway.

We arrive at the boat to see that Captain Steve has the floor boards removed from the back of the boat and has his head stuck in around the motor and arse in the air.  I see a strip of duct tape in his hand and notice a few inches of water sloshing around in the bottom of the boat.  We are told there seems to be a leak with a hose. Ex-navy boy Steve V seizes the moment to shine, removing his Samoan safety jandals he climbs on board and into the bows of the boat to assist.  We discover that the engine’s fan had cut through the radiator hose and the water was from this leak. There was so much water that the boat was sitting low in the water and the fly wheel was throwing water everywhere when the motor was running.  Eventually the boys come to their senses to not press forward and tear out into the Gulf, but to wait until a service centre opens at 9.30.  Whilst waiting we have a nice coffee and chat, only to find that this Volvo pipe has to come from Sweden and should take a few weeks, if we are lucky.  Navy Steve recalls these similar situations were a regular part of Navy life on the high seas and most events were solved with some amalgamated tape.  You know the song ‘Six months on a leaky NZ Navy boat’ so we buy this so called magic tape and strap up the radiator hose.  The four of us look proudly at the repaired pipe holding water as Captain Steve revs up the engine, sweet. Finally 10 am we are on our way.  A tank of gas (thanks Cisco) and we’re of out of the harbour heading towards Waikiki.  (Well that’s what I called it anyway).  Why did we have to get up so early only to leave at 10 arrrr, all good though as the ocean’s fish are waiting to be caught?  Navy Steve, true to form, opens the first beers and doesn’t stop for the next 10 hours, boy these Army and Navy boys can drink. We even had a box of the Indian Kingfisher; well we can’t catch King Fish, but we can certainly drink the beer.

Captain Steve continually checks the fish finder and finally spots a bunch of dots. Baiting up the hooks and we are into it…FISHING.  Of course, as normally happens, I catch the first Snapper.  It’s a monster and requires the boat’s massive net to haul it in.  At one point I thought my arms were going to be pulled off, but luckily I’ve been working out lately lol. Throughout the day I also assist the guys with their smaller catches and give them a break when they get tired.  Steve V in particular was showing signs of fatigue pulling in his three small fish for the day. We change locations several times and finally started to hook up the Kawais.  These fish are awesome to catch as they run.  It’s a thrill when the line is being dragged out and a real fight ensues.  Unlike Snapper that just tug a bit and give up, Kawais really complain.  Steve V hooked his first Kawai and uses his typical Navy force to muscle the fish out of the ocean, breaking his rod clean in half in the process.  “There is none of this playing with the bloody fish” he exclaims with a hint of regret as he’s holding two separated pieces of his daughter’s beloved fishing rod.

Captain Steve keeps bitching at Paul for throwing out 80 metres of line when we are only sitting in 8 metres of water, causing tangles all over the place.  Actually Paul manages to hook both the burly bag and the underwater sail anchor.  I get two (yes two) hooks in me from Paul, the dodgiest fisherman I have ever known, on one side of me and Captain Steve on the other side. One hit me on the ear and the other hooking the front of my shorts just millimetres away from my family jewels.  Gees mate it’s not enough that I have to repair the boat… I also have to bait their lines, teach them how to fish, make the lunch and get the beers.  So much for an easy day with the Army and Navy boys fishing … sheesh!

The sun shone for most of the day with the typical Auckland short bursts of rain which didn’t stop the boys from pursuing their prey anyway.  Finally at 7 pm we called it quits and headed back in, a chilly bin full of fish, a belly full of beer and grins from ear to ear. The worst day of fishing, beats the best day at work. What a nice way to spend a Friday, cheers Gen-I and Cisco for the invite. Cheers Captain Steve and his leaky ‘Free 2 Dream’ boat.  Cheers Paul for bringing the credit card.  Dividing up the catch, handshakes all around and heading home at 8pm, what a long day for the boys … we are tired and smelly but feeling like pigs in poo.  Ah, nothing a hot shower and bed won’t fix – PRICELESS!!!



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I got the sports pack on the mini - Feb 2011. This meant fat wheels and the Sports Pac guards. The wheels are 13" low profile 8" wide. Looks great. I also had the front guards and roof painted as they had a few scratches and surface rust spots. Breezed thought a warrant of fitness. All I want to do now is wire up the middle spots and maybe install air horns. The MINJA only comes out in the sun now and is a pleasure to drive.



Little Simone Wiggins playing the drums - and making a pretty good job of it too. A few more lessons and she'll have the basics down pat.




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The two Steve’s awesome bike ride.

Sunday the 6th 8am Steve K calls Steve V as we both look out our windows wishing the rain gods away and deciding to give them another hour to clear the weather. 9am the second call comes ‘Mate, let’s just do it’ we decide “Cab grab your shoes mate. I’m dropping you of at Lisa’s” Filling up the tank on the way with $2.22/litre premium high octane fuel and zooming down the North Western to Steve's place in Westie, West Harbour. No rain so far, and welcomed in with a nice fluffy coffee. Right! enough teasing the girls about the breakfast croissants and eating a weeks’ worth of grapes, ‘let’s go’. The Steve’s squeeze into their wet weather gears, and were off heading towards Helensville. Turning right onto Old North Road and through the Riverhead forest. Once or twice having to pull back on the reins of the 140 horses wanted to let go coming out of some beautiful corners. Hooking up with highway 16 the ‘Kaipara Coast Highway’ all the way to Wellsford. At one point Steve V lay down on his tank and toped 140km/h, naughty Steve; while I’m putting behind still not out of 3rd gear ha-ha.



A nice stop for a Steak and Cheese pie and Cappuccino, and by now its blue skies, dry roads and not to forget to mention the view of some lovely, friendly, gorgeous locals. Steve!!! (Ah which Steve hummm!!!) Steve V gets a call to collect some icing sugar on the way home for Mel’s baking lol. A good chance for me to feed the horses again with another tank of juice. Heading south down highway one through the tunnel at Puhoi and back to Steve V's house. I was greeted with a huge hug and kiss from Steve’s wife Melissa only to hear Steve mutter “unhand my wife you scrotum” I quickly departed with no less than 4 litres of baking under my jacket, heading back to Lisa’s to pick up my beautiful boy and home to see my beautiful girl. What a day, what a ride, 5 hours, absolutely priceless.  

Cheers Stevie boy, Awesome mate.


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Tuesday night 'Last man standing' 20/20 cricket at the Auckland domain. This 2010/2011 season is coming to a end and our win/loss record must be 17 losses and 3 wins. We finally won our third game last night (Thurs 3rd March) against Laser Electrical. The only other team we can beat is BNZ 2/1. We have a great bunch of guys and the four old boys have been mates playing cricket now for well over 15 years. That's the best record of them all - PRICELESS

Click on photo above to enlarge. Open your eyes Dom!

The boys finally won one. Ben, Andrew, Mike, Stacey, Clark, Garett, Steve and Dom


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Cape Reinga - Auckland Anniversary Weekend

An awesome Auckland anniversary weekend with our friends Cath and her two kids Seth and Makila. Cab and I loaded up the boogie board and hoped into the mini and drove 930kms to Cape Reinga and back over the two days. We went to the giant sand dunes in the far north at Te Paki. We all camped in a beautiful DOC camping ground beside Rarawa Beach

Cath, Seth, Makila, Cab and I at Cape Reinga


Our drive up north, through some of the Cyclone Wilma affected areas.


Kaitaia plus a long bush walk to see the Kauri trees, equals a very tired Cab zzzzz

I was a little naughty driving down the walking path to get a few photos of the mini at the famous light house and sign at Cape Reinga. Got lots of photos taken of us by other site seekers too. I told them it was a photo opportunity for the 'good bye pork pie' rally I am thinking of going on in March.



The poor Mini got a hammering on all the gravel roads, we got a flat tyre on the last day and discovered that the spare was in pretty poor condition too. So on the drive home we stopped at most service stations and top the spare up with air. The next day the rear muffler fell off as I was dropping Cab at school. Had a nice man stop and help me wire the exhaust up temporally. So new tyre and exhaust on the 'I didn't plan to have to buy these items' list.


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