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Caleb 2011 Caleb 2011

Cabs 10th birthday party

We went to High Ropes out at the Auckland airport and then to Carl's Jr for burgers and chips.

It didn't stop there, poor dad had a bunch of kids stay the night and finally shooed them off to bed at 1.30am. Only for it all to start over again at 6am haha. Tired dad, but all good fun.


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Cab's cricket 2011 - 2012 season

Cab and Luke batted together and scored 30 runs. A great start. A great little team this year with the three best mates together again, Finn, Luke and Cab.


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Cab's Catholic - Confirmation and Holy Communion


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Cab's school Red and Black day. Raising funds for the Christchurch earth quake

Cab at the end of year school awards (sitting far left) Cab got two awards for being part of the future problem solving program and playing the Ukulele. Well done my boy. Monday 12th Dec



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Cab got 'man of the match' for awesome bowling. 3 for 0 of 3. For the non cricketers that's 3 wickets for 0 runs of 3 over's. Well done my boy.

Cab and Finn with their Nerf guns - Jan 201. Well Finns got Cab's 20 shot machine gun and Cab's got my 2 shot laser gun. The boys have heaps of fun.



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Cab's best friends, Luke, Finn Burrell and Naomi Wiggins

Mike and Ange's house warming and Mel's attacking the boy


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